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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance should be on your planning list whenever you are planning to visit Nepal. In this page I would like to mention the importance of getting Travel Insurance when traveling in Nepal.

With it’s capital being Katmandu, Nepal is nested in the Himilayas below the basecamps and close to the Annapurna mountain range. Even though political strife has existed in Nepal for decades while both China and India try to dominate this rugged culture, the hearty and resilient nature of the Nepalese attracts many tourists every year. Whether you’re interested in climbing Everest, looking to for bargains on hand-woven tapestries or just going there for the dal-bhaat, Nepal provides something for all sorts of families.

With the friendly atmosphere, honest residents and healthy activities to pursue while you’re there, you may be asking yourself whey on earth you would need travel insurance for such a tranquil location.

Sir Edmond Hillary didn’t just appear at the top of Everest nor has any other intrepid traveler who’s planned to scale Everest at any level. Everest as well as all of the other mountain ranges are steep, treacherous and jagged. The altitude is so high that oxygen becomes scarce and altitude sickness is not uncommon. And the weather will turn on a moments notice and what was at one moment a beautiful stroll through the foothills of paradise can become a truly harrowing experience. Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air” gives a shocking account of a true story of a group of people who did not take the mountain seriously.

Nepal is indeed a third-world-country and with that is poor sanitation and a variety of food-born illnesses that the locals do not even notice because their biological flora and fauna have developed a natural immunity to these sicknesses……. You however as the traveler have not. And what may be a delightful cup of chai tea may turn out to be an incapacitating case of food poisoning from dirty water.

Nepal is a delightful experience and the people are warm and friendly. If one looks up the definition for the local Nepalese greeting; “namaste” you will get an idea as to the depth of humanity that this region possesses. In order to truly enjoy your trip, secure in the knowledge that you have planned for the unexpected, you can now divert your attentions towards enjoying this small jewel nestled at the top of our planet.

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