Tarakeshwar, Kathmandu Nepal

Hotel Booking

Nepal offers a wide range of tourist friendly accommodation throughout the country. From high-end five-star hotels to mid-range family friendly hotels to backpacker friendly guest houses.

Most hotels offer a choice: bed and breakfast; bed, breakfast and one other meal; or room and full board. During spring and fall, hotels work at near full capacity and are booked well in advance. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check well in advance and book hotels as per need if traveling to Nepal during the peak season.

Moderate as well as high-end accommodations are available all over Kathmandu like Thamel. In some cheaper lodges room rates may not include toilets and showers, unless otherwise indicated. Toilets and showers in such cases are generally communal and heating may require additional charges. These lodges are meant for budget tourists who prefer to see more and compromise on comfort.

Accommodation facilities are widely available in the mountainous regions where tourism flourishes. While trekking in remote areas, camping in tents may be the only alternative if accommodation is not available and the route is long way off trekking routes. However, most trekking routes have lodges or tea houses to accommodate tourists. But to be on the safer side, we recommend that tourists look up on such information before venturing out on their journey.

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